The Ostensible Walz – Douglas MacGregor – Recorded at Krampnitz

Krampnitz is an abandoned military base near Potsdam, Germany.  It was originally built by the Nazi’s and used as a training camp for cavalry officers.  The Soviets took over the base after the second World War and used it as a military base throughout the Cold War until it was abandoned after the collapse of the USSR.  Click here or here to find some nice blogs where people have written a bit more about Krampnitz and taken some nice pictures.

This recording was made in what appears to be the ballroom of the officers ‘club’.  The room is in remarkably good condition and sounds amazing.
The Ostensible Waltz is a piece of music that is unhappy with the way things seem at first and tries to delve beneath the ‘ostensible’ layers to find out what really lies under the surface.  It inevitably fails and finds itself back where it began, but with the knowledge of where it has been.
From a technical point of view, the left hand fingering in this piece is about as challenging as it gets.


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