Capel y Graig, Wales

The Capel y Graig is a small chapel located village of Furnace in Ceredigion, Wales.  In Welsh Graig means rock or stone.  It was built in 1868 and was in use until 2001.  The Chapel also has a back stables with living quarters to host itinerant preachers on the preaching routes round Wales.


Avi in the Capel


From 2003 until 2011 the chapel was lovingly restored and renovated by Avi Allen and her father Christopher Allen and is now used as a very special arts space.


Afon Einion






This improvisation was convinced of in the chapel after a long walk in the surrounding valleys and hills and then performed that evening.  It is named after the river that runs by the chapel, Einion.



Jim found the old chapel organ and adapted an old Irish gypsy folk song that he learned off a friend of the family.  The organ was in a bit of disrepair with one of the foot bellows and a fair few of the keys out of use.



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