In a world where so many seem to be striving towards the sterility of perfection, this project is about the opposite.  It is about embracing and loving all the imperfections.  It is about performances and natural sound in untreated environments with all the accompanied noises and imperfections.

An environment can transform the music, the performance and the recording, while music can also alter the way we perceive a space.  Natural acoustics can provide so much depth and interest in a way a studio cannot (of course studios also have their place, too).  This project combines a love of natural sound, buildings, their architecture, their history and their acoustics with musical performances, compositions and improvisations.  By placing music in an environment to which the musicians must react, we create something that is neither a live performance nor a studio recording.

This project is an artistic endeavor and completely non-commercial.  There is also a focus  on local and “unknown” musicians, although not entirely, and the videos are made without money changing hands.  The world seems marginally nicer like this.

About me:

Douglas MacGregor is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and artist who currently lives in Berlin.  He has played in many bands over the years, including Punch and the Apostles, but is now focusing on his own music where complex, subtle, intricate and mostly instrumental compositions are taking the front seat…for now at least.

If you make interesting/good/acoustic music, like this project and are in Berlin or Scotland (or even somewhere else) then feel free to get in touch with me.  I’m also always on the look out for new spaces.







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