The Dictator’s Waltz – Douglas MacGregor – Krampnitz

The Dictator’s Waltz – a concept waltz by Douglas MacGregor

This recording was made at the abandoned Krampnitz military base near Potsdam in Germany.  Krampnitz is a huge abandoned military complex.  It was originally used by the Nazis to train cavalry officers and after the war was taken over and used as a military base by the Soviets.  The camp was abandoned in 1992 after the collapse of the USSR
This recording was made in what appears to be the ballroom of the officers ‘club’.  The room is in remarkably good condition and sounds amazing.
The Dictator’s Waltz is a piece of music directed at dictators and other such people, hence the ballroom of a Nazi military camp seemed like the perfect location for a field recording.   You can even see two crumbling stone eagles in the background.

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